"The Curious Genealogist" Blog
The Curious Genealogist Blog provides genealogical information relating to the City of Newton. It also suggests reliable sources in your own search. +-
The Curious Genealogist blog has two main purposes.

The first is to provide you with genealogical information relating to the City of Newton. This includes information on programs being held at our library and in the city relating to genealogy and family history, where to find records and digitized collections, interesting facts on city's history and its peopleā€¦the list can be endless.

The second purpose is to suggest reliable sources in your own search for all those ancestors who have been mislaid, misplaced, or hidden entirely by the vagaries of history and illegible handwriting. These suggestions include online sources such as databases, websites, other blogs, and collections of digitized material. But I don't want you to forget hard copy and those wonderful items you can hold in your hand. You will find clues in books, magazines, articles, photographs, maps and other historical and personal objects. (Repeat after me, "The computer is only one tool.") Come on in. Take a look. Explore. And if you would like more information either about this blog or about me, see the "Building Bridges" tab near the top of "The Curious Genealogist."
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"Staff Recommends"
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