Questions & Answers for Tutors


How do I become a tutor?
What qualifications do I need to be a tutor?
Why is a minimum nine month commitment required?
I will be out of town for 2 or 3 months in the summer (or winter). Can I still be a tutor?
Are people with disabilities welcome as tutors?
Can college students volunteer as tutors?
Do I need to speak the language of my student?


When are the training workshops?
What will I learn in the ELL tutor training workshop?
Is it possible to skip the training and begin tutoring right away?

Tutoring Sessions

What time of day do tutors meet their students?
Where does the tutoring take place?
How much time is involved?
I want to practice my Spanish (or another language). Can I do a language exchange with a student who speaks this language?
How will I be matched with a student?
What if my student and I just don't "click"?
How many tutors and students are currently in the program?

Our Students

Why/how do immigrants come to the U.S.?
Why/how do immigrants end up in the Newton area?
Do the students have any formal education already?
What languages do the students speak?
How long does it take for a limited English speaker to become fluent in English?
What do the adult students want to learn?


What kind of assistance will be available to me once I get started tutoring?
Does the program sponsor any social events?
How do I contact the coordinator?