Accessible Services

ADA/Persons with Disabilities Access Statement

Newton Free Library, in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations that include the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission or access to, or in the administration of, its programs, services, and activities for the public. The library is wheelchair accessible. In accordance with these laws, the Newton Free Library will make reasonable accommodation to the known physical and mental limitations of people with disabilities in order to provide an equal opportunity to enjoy and participate in the Library's programs, services, and activities available to the public.


Only Service Animals are allowed in the library in accordance with the applicable requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Massachusetts General Laws, Ch. 272, Sec. 98A. Other animals are not allowed.

The following is a link to the ADA webpage related to Service Animals:

Assistive Technology

The Newton Free Library is committed to providing easy access, assistive technology, and other resources to individuals with disabilities. The Library has hand held magnifiers, screen magnification software, video magnifiers and Perkins digital talking book players and cartridges, playaways, and CD’s for children and adults, large print titles, personal amplifers for the hearing impaired as well as other equipment. Contact the Accessibility Services Librarians Maura Copeland or Kim Hewitt at (617) 796-1360 or email


Maura Copeland
Maura Copeland
Kim Hewitt
Kim Hewitt

Please contact the Accessibility Services Librarians Maura Copeland or Kim Hewitt for assistance.

Phone: (617) 796-1387
Fax: (617) 965-8457
TTY: (617) 552-7154