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Explore Newton’s New Catalog which is live now!

What is Aspen Discovery?

  • It is a new catalog interface made available by all Minuteman Library Network Libraries
  • It is an open-source tool that works with a variety of library software platforms, so you will see it in lots of catalogs beyond Minuteman’s

Why a new catalog?

  • Aspen Discovery gives you a better way to find out what is in your library’s collection, like:
  • Better Browsing: Scroll through book covers of your libraries latest additions, best-sellers, or special collections or staff picks your library has selected
  • Grouped Search Results: Different editions of the same title are grouped together in your search results so that you can find them more easily. (See how Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” displays. You can reserve the one most likely to be found first, or click “Show Editions” and reserve one of the specific editions.)
  • Better List Management: It is easier to add titles to your “want to read” list and manage your lists as you like. If you also want to turn on a record of your reading history, it will start to include things you read or hear on Libby or hoopla too.

How do I setup my account?

  • The first thing to do on the new catalog is Sign On to your account. You’ll want your library card number (or username) and password used on the old catalog. If you have a card, but never set up a password before, you can do it now on Aspen Discovery.
  • Check out the information about your account in the box at the left of the screen after you sign on. 
  • If you had lists on the old catalog, click on “Your Lists” in Aspen Discovery and find the “Import from old catalog” button. Your lists are now in Aspen Discovery
  • If you want the catalog to remember what you have read, click on “Reading History” and turn it on. If you had already done that in the old catalog, your reading history will be copied to Aspen Discovery. You can turn this off at any time, and delete specific titles you don’t care about from your list.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have a very long Reading History saved in the old catalog (2000+ items), there is a current bug that may cause the import of your history to stall and get stuck. If you have a very long reading history, please hold off on turning on Reading History in Aspen until the issue is fixed. As long as you keep recording history in the old catalog, it will be there for when you can import to Aspen.