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Daily Postcards

by Zeev Engelmayer

Periodical Gallery (Second Floor)
On View May 3- 30

Zeev Engelmayer entitled his art exhibit “Postcards.” In describing the exhibit, Engelmayer explains: “On October 7, I began drawing postcards every day, taking 1-7 hours each. For the first week they were black and white, but then color re-emerged. When people asked how I can use such bright color and comedy in this moment, I say this is what his artistic practice has always been. In these postcards, although the subject matter is heart-wrenching—children being held hostage or returning home to their parents, civilians with their arms raised at gunpoint—I find this activity soothing. It’s thinking about it and being in the situation, but in some other way than watching the news all day. I want to express feelings and horror – a protest against violence and brutality of war, wherever it takes place. ”

Zeev Engelmayer is an artist, illustrator, comic book artist, performer, activist, and lecturer in the Department of Visual Communication at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Zeev’s work has been published in the national and alternative press and includes illustrated books, independent comic books, and animated projects. His works feature in many exhibitions in galleries and museums in Israel and around the world, and his retrospective exhibition at the City Hall Museum in Tel Aviv was selected for “Exhibition of the Year 2016.” He often appears as “Shoshke,” a comic book character, through whom he creates shows and activist actions to promote tolerance.