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For Library Assistance:

Main Phone Number: 617-796-1360

Library Administration

Phone: 617-796-1400

Jill Mercurio, Library Director, admin@newtonfreelibrary.net

Michelle Buglio, Assistant Library Director, admin@newtonfreelibrary.net

Lily Weitzman, Manager of Programs and Communications, programs@newtonfreelibrary.net

Jeramy Powell, Library Systems Administrator, it@newtonfreelibrary.net

Adult Services

Helen Lee, Supervisor of Adult Services, newtonpublicservices@minlib.net

Jenna Weathers, Assistant Supervisor of Adult Services, newtonpublicservices@minlib.net

Andrew Shapira, English Language Learners Program Coordinator, 617-796-1364, NewtonELL@minlib.net

Maura Copeland, Accessible Services Librarian, 617-796-1387, newtonlibraryaccess@minlib.net

Borrower Services

Email: newtonpublicservices@minlib.net

Gina Wise, Supervisor of Borrower Services

Silvia Roma, Assistant Supervisor of Borrower Services

Youth Services

Kids Email: kids@newtonfreelibrary.net

Tween Email: tweens@newtonfreelibrary.net

Teen Email: teens@newtonfreelibrary.net

Deena Zuckerman, Supervisor of Youth Services, kids@newtonfreelibrary.net

Julie Pflager, Assistant Supervisor of Youth Services, kids@newtonfreelibrary.net

Megan Coffey, Assistant Supervisor of Youth Services for Tweens & Teens, teens@newtonfreelibrary.net

Material Services

Email: newtonpublicservices@minlib.net

Alan Long, Supervisor of Material Services

Library Development and The Friends of the Newton Free Library

Jacqui Morton, Development Director, 617-796-1407, Development@newtonfreelibrary.net

Nancy Grissom, Friends of Newton Free Library, 617-213-0428, friends@newtonfreelibrary.net