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The Library’s Local History & Genealogy Collections are a resource to help individuals discover and explore the history of the City and its residents. We also have a small collection of items that highlight the history and people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These collections complement the City Archives and Historic Newton. Our Local History & Genealogy room houses three collections: Local History of Newton, the Genealogy Collection, and the Massachusetts Collection.

Local History & Genealogy resources can be found in our catalog here. We recognize the important balance of managing our physical collections and digitizing collections for open accessibility to the community and beyond. Thousands of our items have already been digitized and are available on Digital Commonwealth or Internet Archive and this work is ongoing.

Please note: If you are seeking government documents for the City of Newton, these can be accessed through the Newton City Clerk’s Office and/or the City Archives and are not part of the Library’s collections.

Local History Collections

The Newton Collection contains materials that speak to the community’s social, cultural and governmental past.

The Massachusetts Collection contains material about the people and state of Massachusetts.

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Genealogy Collection

The Genealogy Collection contains compiled family histories from around the world; royalty, nobility and peerage information; and personal and family names by country and nationality. 

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Obituary Research Information

Find Obituary resources and information here.

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