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In the digital age it is so important for children and families to learn about digital citizenship and ways to stay safe online.  We want to teach children that while the Internet is great for so many reasons, and can connect us to resources, information, and family and friends, just like in our everyday lives we need rules to keep us safe. These are some tips to share with kids:

  • Always check with an adult before going to new Websites.
  • Never share personal information such as your phone number or address.
  • Keep passwords private.
  • Stay on Websites that are “just right” for  you.  Trusted adults, such as parents and teachers, can help you figure out which sites are “just right.” 
  • If anything on a Website, including pop ups, makes you feel uncomfortable, tell your safe adult.
  • Don’t talk to strangers online.

There is so much information online it can be hard to figure out  which Websites, apps, videos, etc., best meet your family’s needs. Below are Websites that include resources for parents and educators, recommended sites, and more information on digital literacy and online safety.

Common Sense Education
Common Sense provides support and resources for  parents, educators and policy makers focused on children and the world of media and technology. This includes ratings, reviews, lessons plans and access about all things in the digital world.

NetSmartz provides links to videos and games on internet safety, as well as resources from the Department of Justice; a tip line; mentoring kits; and lesson plans. 

Newton Free Library also offers multiple online resources for kids: