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Going into 6th Grade Lists 2022

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The Last Shadow Warrior

Sam Subity

Percy Jackson meets Thor in a laugh-out-loud, action-packed adventure inspired by Norse mythology. Twelve-year-old Abby Beckett is proud to come from a long line of elite Viking warriors known as the Aesir. She's spent her entire life training t

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The Chance to Fly

Ali Stroker, Stacy Davidowitz

After moving across the country, thirteen-year-old Natalie auditions for her new school's play and overcomes her fears and insecurities about performing in a wheelchair.

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The Hideaway

Pam Smy

The wonderful long-awaited second novel from Pam Smy, celebrated author and illustrator of Thornhill. The Hideaway tells the story of a boy, Billy McKenna, who runs away from a difficult situation at home and takes refuge in an overgrown graveyard. W

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Jadie in Five Dimensions

Dianne K. Salerni

A thirteen-year-old girl seeks answers about her past in the fourth dimension—and beyond—in this think-outside-the-box adventure. What do you do when it turns out your whole life has been a lie? Jadie Martin was always told she was abandoned by h

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Everywhere Blue

Joanne Rossmassler Fritz

A brother's disappearance turns one family upside down, revealing painful secrets that threaten the life they've always known. When twelve-year-old Maddie's older brother vanishes from his college campus, her carefully ordered world fa

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Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls

Kaela Rivera

When a powerful desert spirit kidnaps her sister, Cece Rios must learn forbidden magic to get her back, in this own voices middle grade fantasy perfect for fans of The Storm Runner and Aru Shah and the End of Time. Living in the remote town of Tierra

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How to Train Your Dad

Gary Paulsen

From the legendary author of Hatchet, a laugh-out-loud misadventure about a boy, his free-thinking dad, and the puppy-training pamphlet that turns their summer upside down. Twelve-year-old Carl is fed up with his father's single-minded pursuit o

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Finding Junie Kim

Ellen Oh

For fans of Inside Out and Back Again and Amina's Voice comes a breathtaking story of family, hope, and survival from Ellen Oh, cofounder of We Need Diverse Books. When Junie Kim is faced with middle school racism, she learns of her grandparents

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A Bird Will Soar

Alison Green Myers

After a tornado, Axel, who loves birds, finds an injured eaglet, and helps to rescue it–and also helps to resolve the problems in his broken family, and draw his father back home.

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Jody Lee Mott

A delightfully creepy story perfect for the middle school set! Hush-a-Bye is an old, broken doll found by Lucy and her sister in the woods. It seems to possess extraordinary powers, but will it use them for good or evil? Like most kids with younger s

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The Swallows' Flight

Hilary McKay

The lives of two sets of best friends, Kate and Ruby in England and Erik and Hans in Germany, as well as a stray dog in London are brought together in unexpected ways during World War II.

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Christina Diaz Gonzalez

What if you had no name, no past, and no home? Ivette. Joanna. And now: Katrina Whatever her name is, it won't last long. Katrina doesn't know any of the details about her past, but she does know that she and her parents are part of the Wit

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Yusuf Azeem Is Not a Hero

Saadia Faruqi

At a time when we are all asking questions about identity, grief, and how to stand up for what is right, this book by the author of A Thousand Questions will hit home with young readers who love Hena Khan and Varian Johnson—or anyone struggling to

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Barefoot Dreams of Petra Luna

Alda P. Dobbs

2022 Pura Belpré Honor Book NYPL Best Book of 2021 Texas Bluebonnet Master List Selection NPR Best Book of 2021 Based on a true story, the tale of one girl's perilous journey to cross the U.S. border and lead her family to safety during the Mex

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The Threads of Magic

Alison Croggon

In a gripping stand-alone fantasy from the acclaimed Alison Croggon, a pickpocket steals the cursed Stone Heart and is propelled into a power struggle, woven with witchcraft, that will change the kingdom forever. Pip lives by his wits in the city of

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Worst-Case Collin

Rebecca Caprara

Twelve-year-old Collin has a plan to survive any worst-case scenario. Avalanche? No problem. Riptide? Stay calm. He's 100% prepared for every disaster…except maybe his home life. Collin is always prepared for something to go wrong. Ever since

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Miosotis Flores Never Forgets

Hilda Eunice Burgos

"When Miosotis Flores discovers that her sister Amarilis's fiancé is physically abusive to her, she must decide how to help, while also caring for a rescue dog and pursuing better grades in school"–

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The Robber Girl

Franny Billingsley

Part literary mystery, part magical tour de force—an incantatory novel of fierce beauty, lyricism, and originality from a National Book Award Finalist A brilliant puzzle of a book from the author of Chime and The Folk Keeper plunges us into the vul

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Wendy Xu

Perfect for fans of Studio Ghibli and The Tea Dragon Society, this is a magically heartwarming graphic novel about self-acceptance and friendship. An Indie Next List Pick! Sophie is a young witch whose mother and grandmother pressure her to attend th

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The Accursed Vampire

Madeline McGrane

A spooky and funny graphic novel perfect for fans of The Witch Boy and Real Friends Dragoslava is a vampire kid. It has its perks, but sometimes being stuck as a kid forever can be a pain in the neck. And that’s not even the worst part. A few centu

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Long Distance

Whitney Gardner

From the creator of Fake Blood comes another exceptionally charming middle grade graphic novel about friendships both near and far, far away. Vega’s summer vacation is not going well. When her parents decide it’s time to pack up and leave her hom

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Living with Viola

Rosena Fung

Heartbreakingly honest and quietly funny, this graphic novel from a debut creator is a refreshingly real exploration of mental health, cultural differences, and the trials of middle school. Livy is already having trouble fitting in as the new girl at

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There's No Ham in Hamburgers

Kim Zachman

From hot dogs and hamburgers to ice cream and pizza, this fascinating book is full of fun facts and stories of the origins of some of America's most popular foods. Why is there no ham in hamburgers? How did we make ice cream before we could make

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Inside In

Jan Paul Schutten

Discover nature’s secret world with this amazing collection of X-ray photographs of animals and plants! Using incredible X-ray techniques, Inside In displays creatures and their natural habitats in a never-before-seen way. Kids will learn the aweso

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Crazy Horse and Custer

S. D. Nelson

With photographs and stunning illustrations from acclaimed author-artist S.D. Nelson, this thrilling double biography juxtaposes the lives of two enemies whose conflict changed American history: Crazy Horse and George Custer In 1876, Lakota chief Cra

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Tanya Lloyd Kyi

An eye-opening look at the science of sleep — covering everything adolescents could possibly want to know about a subject that’s suddenly keeping them up at night! For something that all humans do every night, sleep is not that well understood. O

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It Takes Guts

Jennifer Gardy

An illustrated book about the digestive system and microbiome for young readers, from famous (and funny) scientist Dr. Jennifer Gardy. Everybody eats, and everybody poops. Pretty ordinary stuff, right? But what happens in between is far from ordinary

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Top Secret

Crispin Boyer

PSSST. Want to know a secret? How about a few hundred of them? Here's a collection of the world's most classified cases, top-secret truths, and cryptic curiosities you could ever hope to get your fingerprints on!

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Fred Bowen

Celebrate seventy-five years of the NBA in this exciting and beautifully illustrated middle grade account of the legendary athletes, coaches, and teams that changed basketball forever and created a national phenomenon enjoyed by millions today. The N

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