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We know that being an almost-teenager comes with many questions, new experiences, and a rollercoaster of thoughts and feelings. The resources listed on this page include books, websites, and organizations with information to help you figure out life.

Online Safety & Media Literacy

The first step is staying smart and safe online.  Start by visiting InternetMatters.org to read advice for tweens on navigating the internet. 

Common Sense Media is an organization that provides support and resources for parents, educators and policy makers focused on children and the world of media and technology. This includes ratings, reviews, lessons plans and access about all things in the digital world.  They also have a News and Media Literacy Resource Center that can help internet users of all ages determine if what they are reading is factual.   

NetSmartz is a website that provides links to videos and games on internet safety as well as resources from the Department of Justice, a tip line, mentoring kits and lesson plans. 

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, a Harvard University program, provides a hands-on experience for teens and tweens in all aspects of internet-life.

Your Body, Your Mental Health, and You!

Here are resources to help you take care of you! 

Mindful.org offers a breath-counting practice for when you might feel a little overwhelmed.  Mindfulness for tweens. 

In addition to taking a look at books, you can visit the jam-packed Girls Health website to read more about emotions, relationships, friends, physical activity, nutrition, and much more. 

Check out KidsHealth.org to find fitness tips tailored especially for teens and tweens.

Amaze.org is for everyone – it’s a website that helps “take the awkward out of sex ed” — starting with puberty!

Puberty Is Gross (But Also Really Awesome) is a book for everyone!  If you don’t feel comfortable asking someone about all of the things happening to your body, this book will help answer your questions.  

Check out Go With the Flow, a graphic novel about getting your period, and Welcome to Your Period, to learn more about the whole process!  The Confidence Code for Girls is one-stop shopping for all-things tween: friends, grades, body changes, speaking up, and more!

Guy Stuff is a great book for tween boys to help you navigate through all sorts of things – body changes, friendships, relationships and health.