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Civics Test

The civics test is one part of the citizenship interview. There are 100 possible questions. You need to answer 6/10 questions correctly. For most questions, you only need to give one answer, even though more answers are sometimes possible. Current applicants are given the 2008 version of the test, not the 2020 version.

The 100 civics questions
Read and listen to the 100 questions and answers.

Preparing for the Oath
This website has very good videos explaining the answers to each of the 100 civics questions. You can also click on “Test Yourself” to practice answering the questions.

USCIS practice test
Another way to practice the 100 questions. Remember that in an actual interview, the questions are not multiple-choice!

Current leaders
Some of the questions on the civics test are about the current president, vice president, governor of your state, etc. You can see the answers here. Note that the answers change sometimes (these are correct as of November 2023), and some answers will be different if you live in another city (besides Newton) or state (besides Massachusetts).

USA Hello
This is an online course covering the 100 questions. It’s available in English, Spanish, and a few other languages. You need to register, but it’s free and easy.

Multilingual resources
The civics questions and other information in Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and a few other languages.

USCIS video
This is the official video from USCIS about the civics test.

N-400 Naturalization Application and Vocabulary

During your interview, you will be asked questions related to the information on your N-400 application. The purpose is to confirm your information and to show that you can speak and understand English. You may also be asked to define some words from the application.

N-400 Application
You can apply online or print the N-400 application here.

Vocabulary definitions
This is a list of 60 vocabulary terms from the N-400, with easy definitions.

Quizizz activities
You can do these activities to practice vocabulary from the N-400. The list of 60 terms (above) is divided into three groups, each with 20 terms. You can either listen to the audio or read the text.

Part 9 definitions
This is a list of definitions from Part 9 of the N-400 (which used to be Part 12).

USCIS video
This is the official video from USCIS about the naturalization interview.

Reading and Writing Tests

During your interview, you will be asked to read a question aloud and write a sentence (the answer to the question). For example, you might read “When is Thanksgiving?” and write “Thanksgiving is in November.”

Reading vocabulary
These are the words that you might have to read.

Writing vocabulary
These are the words that you might have to write.

USCIS video
This is the official video from USCIS about the reading and writing tests.

General Practice

Ventures Arcade
Click on “Citizenship” to practice the civics questions, questions from the N-400 application, and more. There are also many exercises to practice English, related to the Ventures textbook series.

Citizenship study guides
In addition to the civics questions, these study guides have questions to practice reading aloud, dictations to practice writing, and sample questions from the N-400.

USA Learns
This is a complete citizenship preparation course. You need to register for this website, but it’s free and easy.

This YouTube channel has many excellent videos to help you prepare for your interview.

US Citizen Pod
This is another YouTube channel with helpful videos, such as sample interviews.

USCIS video
This is another helpful video from USCIS about the citizenship process.

More Information

For more information about the citizenship process and additional resources, please contact Andrew Shapira, ELL Coordinator, at newtonell@minlib.net or 617-796-1364.